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(Posted 14th July 2022)

Africa strikes deal with Pfizer for Covid-19 antiviral
Endpoints News
As the FDA looks to make Pfizer’s Covid-19 antiviral more accessible in the US, Africa’s CDC has reportedly struck an agreement with the pharma giant to increase supplies across the continent… Read more>>

US announces $117 million in humanitarian funding to South Sudan
Sudan’s Post
The US government has yet again announced at least $117 million in humanitarian funding to South Sudan, days after the IGAD, the regional bloc which mediated the country’s revitalized peace agreement, said the Biden administration has significantly cut its financial funding to peace implementation… Read more>>

Famine: what is it, where will it strike and how should the world respond?
The Guardian
The world is in the grip of an unprecedented hunger crisis. A toxic combination of climate crisis, conflict, and Covid had already placed some of the poorest countries under enormous strain, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent grain and fuel prices soaring… Read more>>

Cameroon: 2.4 Million Civilians Need Emergency Food Support
VOA News
Cameroon’s government has called for emergency food support for more than two million people facing hunger along its northern borders with Chad and Nigeria… Read more>>

Giant New Power Plants Undermine South Africa’s Emissions Pledge
In the rolling hills of South Africa’s Mpumalanga province, hundreds of builders, welders and engineers are putting the final touches to a gigantic new power station that’s set to burn as much as 15 million tons of coal a year until it is eventually shuttered in 2073… Read more>>

Suspected Marburg virus cases: WHO deploys experts to Ghana
Graphic Online
Ghana has reported two suspected cases of the virus. It came after preliminary tests done in the country on two patients, who have since died, came back positive for the virus… Read more>>

WOFA moves to bridge Africa’s $10b infrastructure gap
The Guardian
World Forum for Africa (WOFA) has reiterated need for a new ‘made in Africa’ initiative to stimulate infrastructure revolution on the continent… Read more>>

Is there a bubble emerging in Africa’s tech start-up scene?
The Africa Report
The number of deals closed by Africa’s tech start-up scene mushroomed in 2021 to 681. In total, the deals, closed by 640 start-ups, brought in around $5.2bn – nearly three times the amount raised in the previous year… Read more>>

Ghana eyes Africa’s second digital currency
Ghana has become the latest African country to begin testing the viability of its central bank-backed digital currency, the eCedi, heating up the race to roll out e-cash on the continent… Read more>>

Relocation of Tanzania’s Masaai From Ancestral Lands Shows Elitist Tourism Still Thriving
Tanzania’s eviction of Masaai families from their ancestral homes in the country’s Ngorongoro conversation area to create more space for safari tourism and trophy hunting has sparked an international uproar about its inhumane treatment of its citizens, especially the government’s violent response to Masaai herders’ protests….. Read more>>

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