Culinary delights return to Mauritius’ Constance Belle Mare Plage Resort


No sooner had the Seychelles concluded their first ever Carnival Festival, the first of its kind in Africa it is understood, did the ‘road signs’ for events in the Indian Ocean point to Mauritius where the Bernard Louiseau Culinary Festival is going underway this weekend. Hosted by the Constance Belle Mare Plage Resort, Michelin starred chefs from the Indian Ocean region and beyond are assembling to bring culinary delights to tourist guests and Mauritians. This fifth edition of the food festival, which saw its inaugural held way back in 2006 is expected to once again draw big crowds and is sure to receive the attention of the media on the island as well as beyond. Assisted by the local chefs and cooks at the Constance Resort Belle Mare Plage the ‘teams’ will create and then serve new dishes and menus, using the freshest ingredients available to them from the sea and from the land. Celebrating the art of excellent food and excellent service – in coming days ‘life in Mauritius’.

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