#DiaryofaMuzungu’s Charlotte Beauvoisin joins hands with Ukarimu, Tripesa and Adventure Tourism Uganda for another training session

(Posted 01st March 2022)

This latest training session on offer for the Ugandan tourism sector consists of 2 weeks of intensive class-based training, with a focus on skills ranging from customer service and communication to guiding and product development. In addition, you will participate in a 4-day Digital Marketing training led by famous travel blogger Charlotte Beauvoisin of Diary of a Muzungu in collaboration with Adventure Tourism Uganda. The focus of that training will be on the importance of digital marketing, personal branding and online reputation and on how to use social media and blogging to promote your tourism activities.

After these weeks you will go for an intensive work-based learning experience of 2 weeks back at your own business. After the work-based learning period, you will come back for a 4 day closure training and will be assessed. Upon passing the assessment you will receive an Ukarimu certificate and a Diary of a Muzungu / Adventure Tourism Uganda certificate.

By participating in this programme you will:

  • Receive high-quality, intensive training from various experts
  • Participate in a training that is tailor-made for activity providers
  • Get help to professionalize your company
  • Get the chance to build a network with like minded professionals

The schedule for the training program is as followed:

  • 14th March – 25th March: Classroom-based Product Development Training in Jinja (by Ukarimu and Tripesa)
  • 28th – 1st April: Classroom-based Digital Marketing Training in Jinja (by Diary of a Muzungu and Adventure Tourism Uganda)
  • 2nd April – 24th April: Work-based Learning Experience
  • 25th April – 29th April: Closure Training, Assessment & Graduation

How to Apply

The training will take place in Jinja, starting on the 14th of March 2022 and will end on the 29th April 2022. The training cost is 100,000 ugx per person and this includes all accommodation and meals during the class-based training. Transport to and from the training is not covered by the program. As there is only room for 24 participants, you have to be highly committed to the program. You will be expected to attend every day of the training.

The ideal candidate:

  • Represents a tourism company that offers concrete, tangible activities
  • Is highly motivated to improve his/her skills and professionalize his/her company
  • Is 25 years or younger – not compulsory! (however, a number of spots will be reserved specifically for those under 25)
  • Is an entrepreneur or has a high position at the company
  • Is highly motivated and dedicated to the programme
  • Has a passion for tourism and traveling
  • Has the right attitude (honest, eager to learn, willing to help classmates, committed, etc.)
  • Commits to all elements of the program

The deadline of applications is the 7th of March 2022, after which the announcements of the selected participants will follow shortly.

Please fill in this form below, so that we can assess whether you are the right candidate!

Apply here : https://forms.gle/J7JcUNxqW8wzwQPj9

NB: In case you are based in Mbale, Karamoja or Sipi please register for the same training taking place in Kapchorwa starting a few weeks later! Apply here: https://forms.gle/ RHqCGDevLebZpGdQ9

Extra Information

Contact person

For any questions, feel free to reach out to

Elly Mwesiga on ellymwesiga@gmail.com or +256 782 018 807

Follow the program!

To follow updates regarding this program, you can follow the below accounts:

Ukarimu : Facebook / www.ukarimuacademy.org

Tripesa : www.tripesa.co

Diary of a Muzungu : Diary of a Muzungu Uganda and East Africa Travel Blog

Adventure Tourism Uganda : www.adventuretourismug.com

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