East Africa / Gulf aviation news – Kuala Lumpur next for Emirates A 380


The Kampala office of Emirates has confirmed that come December the route to Kuala Lumpur will be served with the A 380 sky giant from Dubai. Many Ugandans, and in fact East Africans are studying in Malaysia in one of their many universities and lots of them will have the opportunity when coming home for the Christmas holidays to travel on the double decker aircraft, which has added a new dimension to the comfort of air travel in all classes of the aircraft.

Emirates presently already operates 21 weekly nonstop flights between Dubai and Kuala Lumpur and continuously growing demand has now caused the decision to be made that the A380 will be deployed on this route. Malaysia is one of the UAE’s leading trade partners and traffic volumes of passengers and cargo have been rising above average.

Emirates is the world’s largest A 380 customer and is following in the footsteps of Lufthansa and Air France, both of which are already flying this aircraft to Johannesburg, when adding JNB to their A380 destination on October 01st this year. Entebbe, as was recently reported her, has been designated as an emergency diversion airport enroute.

Watch this space.