East African aviation breaking news – Turkish commences twice weekly flights to Mogadishu


A Turkish Airlines Airbus A340 landed yesterday in Mogadishu to a warm welcome by members of the Transitional Federal Government and representatives of AMISOM, the United Nations / African Union forces providing protection to the airport and the capital at large, after driving the Al Shabab terrorists out of the city a few months ago.
In what airline sources in Nairobi described a gutsy move Turkish Airlines, on the prowl across Africa with a major route expansion underway as more aircraft are joining their fleet, has taken the proverbial bull by the horns and decided to add Mogadishu as the first major international airline to their network.
The destination will be served twice a week from Istanbul via Khartoum to Mogadishu, providing seats for passengers both ways and hugely important here, the added air cargo capacity to bring much needed goods and supplies into the Somali capital without having to rely on the sea routes.
The new destination is also a coup of sorts for the global market leaders Star Alliance, which is now able to boast the return of one of their own members to Mogadishu after years of isolation with few airlines daring to fly there other than military supply aircraft supporting the troops on the ground.
It is also understood that at least one airline from Nairobi it was specifically requested not to name the carrier to avoid tipping off the competition too early is considering flights to Mogadishu in response to Turkishs new service, and as and when news can be broken, be sure you read it first here.