East African Media Summit, Nairobi/Kenya, Hilton Hotel, March 14 and 15


The Nairobi Hilton Hotel will be the venue for this year’s East African Media Summit, which is jointly organised by the East African Community and the East African Business Council.

The two day meeting will take place from 14th until 15th of March, a year after being held in Kampala / Uganda. The meeting is aimed to take both stock of the achievement of the past year as well as look into the future or journalism in Eastern Africa, where journalists continue to experience sedition charges for articles filed and published, are exposed to often violent attacks by security personnel and unlike in many Western countries where the freedom of speech is enshrined in the respective constitutions find themselves in a rather harsher work environment. The media summit will therefore bring together not only journalists and reporters but also the management of media houses, government representatives and NOG watchdogs promoting the freedom of a responsible press.

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