Easy does it to Reunion

Easy does it to Reunion

Located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and 175 kilometres southwest of Mauritius, the island is a region of France and is known for its volcanic, rain forested interior, offshore reefs, beaches and Creole culture.

Here are some facts about this gorgeous island as well as what to do and see:

Flights & Travel Tips

Air Austral offers direct flights to Reunion Island between Johannesburg and Reunion Island twice a week. Visit Air Austral for details


  • South African passport holders do not require a visa
  • Chinese and Indian visitors enjoy visa waivers under specific conditions
  • The currency used on Reunion Island is the euro (€)
  • French is the official language of Reunion Island, but communicating in English is possible
  • Browse a range of accommodation options on the official tourism site
  • The average annual temperature on Reunion Island is 24 degrees Celsius
  • There is no malaria, and no travel vaccines are required
  • Reunion Island time is two hours ahead of South Africa
  • All electricity plug points on Reunion Island are two-point – take adaptors with you

Geography and climate

Erosion and volcanic activity has left Reunion Island’s landscape uneven yet a paradise to be explored.

montagne_mafate18_lever_du_soleil_-_credit_irt_-_frog_974_photographies_dts_06_2015_0_638_425_70_s.jpgMontagne Mafate – © IRT/Frog974

Adventure on the Island


The Reunion Island is beaming with adventures waiting to be discovered. Hiking trails, diving, helicopter flights and paragliding, there is no end to the activity list that is yours on your arrival. Jet Skiing, Kite surfing, paddling or simply some good surfing is yet another way in which Reunion promises to thrill the adventure seekers. Big game fishing, sailing or simply swimming in the ocean makes sure that there is something for every visitor.


Gastronomical pleasures are of great importance on the island, and the Réunionese have a wide range of culinary traditions which they love to cook. Take French culture as a base, add a pinch of Malagasy customs, a zest of Chinese know-how, a bit of Indian savour, and you’ll get a unique exotic recipe.


Intense Heritage

The rich history and strong heritage of the island tell of tales gone by.

Immersion culturelle – © IRT/Lionel GHIGHI


Reunion boasts a varied plant life and a diverse flora and more than a third of Reunion’s surface is still covered with forests and wild plants

Paille en queue – © IRT/Yabalex

For more information on Reunion Island visit www.reunion.fr



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