#Entebbe runway remains closed as recovery of RwandAir’s CRJ900 continues

(Posted 20th April 2022)

Information is awaited from the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, which is also managing the Entebbe International Airport, when the airports main runway will reopen.

Flight operations on the main runway – Entebbe also has a shorter second runway which however is not long enough for most jet operations – were halted when in the early hours a landing RwandAir jet departed the runway, as reported here earlier today.

RwandAir also issued a second brief statement as reflected above about the incident.

While the duration of such a recovery can take time must it be noted that the Uganda CAA and related sites have been notably silent giving regular updates on the situation, which is bound to impact hundreds of passengers booked on departing flights while delaying arrivals in the same measure.

Other airports in the region have in the past, under similar circumstances, opted for hourly updates to keep passengers and the aviation fraternity informed on progress.

Once confirmation has finally been received that the main runway of Uganda’s only international airport is open again, will ATCNews inform readers accordingly.

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