#Entebbe runway repairs cause scheduling challenges for airlines and problems for passengers


(Posted 11th January 2023)


Due to runway ‘maintenance’ at Entebbe International Airport are passengers and airlines experiencing major challenges.

The main runway is closed until at least the 21st of January for several hours every morning, leading to adjustment of departures and arrivals, affecting both arriving and departing passengers.

Uganda CAA, the local aviation regulator which also manages several airports in the country including Entebbe International Airport in a departure of international best practice, has issued the following NOTAM:



1.A0004/23 Replacing A0003/23

Starting Sunday, 8th till Saturday, 21st January 2023

Daily from 9:00 A.M. till 12:00 P.M. local time.

ENTEBBE Runway 17/35 Work in Progress. The Runway will be UNUSABLE during this time.


Please visit https://aim.caa.co.ug for a complete valid NOTAM list.


Entebbe international NOTAM office.

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