Entebbe welcomes Nasair inaugural flight


Eritreas official airline Nasair Eritrea, which last year merged with Eritrean Airlines to form a stronger and financially more viable national airline, has now commenced flights to Entebbe Uganda from Asmara, offering the first direct flight between the two countries instead of having to travel via Nairobi.
While the fact of the inaugural flight could be established through an aviation source at the airport, it was inspite of this correspondents best efforts not possible to get details on the airlines frequency or schedule, nor if any waypoints would be served Nasair has been flying to the South Sudan capital Juba since last year already at the time of going to press.
Ugandas relations with Eritrea have been rocky since Ugandan troops were deployed as a key part of the UNs and AUs AMISOM peace keeping force in Somalia, following constant allegation over Eritrean support for the radical Islamist Al Shabab militias, themselves part of the global Al Qaida network. In particular Kenya has warned off Eritrea from flying supplies into the Somali war zone when at the early stages of the Kenyan forward defense against terrorists in Somalia several planes were reported to have offloaded ammunition and weapons before the Kenyan airforce established air superiority. Eritrea also faced pressure from fellow IGAD members over further allegations of harbouring terror groups inside their territory, something the Eritrean government has repeatedly denied though the allegations have never gone away.
That all said, in the best aviation tradition Happy Landings to crews and passengers from here on.

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