Eritrea set for tourism training and capacity building seminars


(Posted 09th November 2022)



The tourism office in the Gash Barka Region organized a seminar on the 05th of November in Barentu to owners of tourism service providers and institutions focusing on providing efficient and timely services.

The seminar was mainly focused on handling customers, staff discipline and reception as well as putting in place the necessary facility among others.

At the seminar calls were also made on owners and workers of tourism service providers and institutions to give priority to the health of customers, to abide by the noble culture and societal values, and play due part in the development of the tourism sector overall.

Reminding that the service that the institutions provide is the reflection of the culture of hospitality and societal values in their areas, Mr. Simret Gebremedhin, Head of Research, Resources Control and Promotion at the Tourism branch in the Gash Barka Region, called for practicing a humble approach to customers and provide efficient service.

Pointing out that ensuring the capacity of social service provision institutions is part of the effort to develop the tourism sector in the region, Col. Hamid Yosuf, Director General of Tourism in the region, called for providing fair and efficient service and contribute their part in the development of the sector.

In Gash Barka Region there are hundreds of tourism service providers and institutions located.