Ethiopian aviation news – ET gets 5th B777-200LR


A brand new B777-200LR has last weekend joined the Ethiopian fleet, the fifth such aircraft. The airline also kept the tradition to name these ‘birds’ after landmarks in Africa, the latest being christened ‘Sahara’.

The sister ships already in operation were named Blue Nile, Rift Valley, Victoria Falls and Mt. Kilimanjaro, carrying the attractions and sights of Africa around the world.

Ethiopian Airlines is one of two pan African airlines connecting Africa through their hub to a growing number of cities across the continent and has been at the forefront to promote inter African travel by air for decades. The airline is undergoing a rapid fleet modernization programme with a number of B787 on order and flies in code share with Lufthansa from Frankfurt 10 times a week, then feeding and de-feeding traffic at their Addis Ababa hub. ET is due to join global aviation industry leader Star Alliance later this year at which stage their visibility and connectivity will strengthen yet more.

Happy Landings to ‘Sahara’ wherever she carries the colours of Africa.


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