#EthiopianAirlines offers free transit tours for global passengers from 01st of February


(Posted 30th January 2019)

Ethiopian Airlines just announced to its customers worldwide that it has extended a free transit tour to global passengers as of February 01st, 2019.
The new complimentary city tour package is organized by ET Holidays, the tour operations wing of Ethiopian Airlines and takes transiting passengers with 6 to 8 hours’ transit time into Addis Ababa.
Guests will enjoy a journey through the landmarks of the city, The National Museum, accompanied with a taste of Ethiopian Coffee and souvenir shopping at affordable prices and make them experience the unique flavors of the political capital of Africa during their brief stay.
Regarding the initiative, Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, remarked, “As travel has gone digital with our innovative technology solutions including Ethiopia Mobile App and online platforms, the huge influx of transit passengers in Addis Ababa, the world’s gateway to Africa, can enjoy personalized and start to end travel experience. The Ethiopian Mobile App enables passengers secure their visa electronically within 4 hours from any part of the world, as well as book their flights, pay online using credit or debit cards, mobile money, e-Wallet and bank transfer, check-in and issue boarding pass seamlessly.
As we continue to discover and deliver the best for our customers, we are pleased to come up with complimentary offerings to our global transiting passengers and make them savor every moment and feel the real taste of Addis Ababa during their brief stay.
While promoting Ethiopia, Land of Origins, and its beautiful capital Addis Ababa alike, as tourist destinations, we will keep promoting initiatives tailored to provide our ever growing customer with a unique and unforgettable travel experience.”

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