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Promoting Human-Lion Coexistence in Northern Kenya


Climbing for Kenya’s Lions

Today, we are launching the #ClimbForLions campaign to raise essential funds for lion conservation in northern Kenya and to show the world that we will go to great heights – literally – for lions before they are driven to extinction in the wild.

In January, an expedition of 18 Ewaso Lions warriors, field staff, managers, and directors will climb Mt. Kenya to raise $20,000 for lions. The programmes funded through this campaign will give Kenya’s lions safe passage by securing high priority areas where lions can coexist with local communities.

This will be a first for our entire field team – many of whom have never been outside their home villages in Samburu. The climb up Africa’s second tallest mountain will take 5 days – it won’t be easy.

Will you join our campaign? Please make a donation towards our goal of $20,000 today. And please post, tweet, share, snap, etc. to get your friends to join the campaign.

With your help, we will complete this massive undertaking and reach the summit of Kenya’s highest mountain. The expedition will make our team stronger than ever, and the campaign will make lions safer in areas of northern Kenya where the threat is greatest. Please join us today!

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5fd465ee-6bc0-4c85-b9f2-74cc62688c84.jpgExploring New Areas for Lion Connectivity

This month, our team visited Namunyak Conservancy to assess lion presence and explore opportunities for conservation outside our current study area. Namunyak borders our study area to the north and is a stunning mountainous landscape. Part of our three-year strategic vision includes identifying high priority areas where lions and other wildlife – like this amazing group of giraffe we spotted – can survive and coexist safely with communities in northern Kenya. Our reconnaissance to trip Namunyak was an important first step.

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7c73ebb6-7d67-4a3a-b97d-76b9f6af525a.jpgJoin Us In San Francisco at the WCN Expo

There are still tickets for sale to the annual Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Network. Come meet with Shivani, Jeneria, and Paul, purchase Kenyan crafts, and find out the latest news from Ewaso Lions. Tickets will sell out soon, so don’t miss this opportunity.

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b2838ab8-7e36-439d-b101-6efa6402b7d3.jpgPhoto of the Month

A rare sighting of most of the Samburu lions together resting under a tree in the National Reserve. Nanai and her cubs, Nabulu, Loeku, Naisherua and Namunyak. In our study area, it is unusual to find large groups of lions, and it is more common to find them solitary or in pairs.
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