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Crisis and Coexistence: Third Quarter Highlights
A New Domestic Animal Mobile Veterinary Unit
It was a close shave. A lion attacked this donkey but our team arrived just in time. The donkey is alive but badly wounded. His protector, the dog Longiron (meaning donkey protector) is barking anxiously. For so long, our team has stopped attacks and saved livestock, but has never been able to help the injured animals, or their trusty protectors and keep them safe from disease. That changed this year! We are very pleased to announce that Ewaso Lions (through our Kura’s Pride programme) has partnered with Vet in Wild, Animal Care Centre, and the Foundation for International Aid to Animals to launch a new domestic animal mobile veterinary unit. The unit is headed up by a new vet, Dr. Jessicah Kurere hired by Vet in Wild, and our new Kura’s Pride Officer, and former JLEF student Solomon Lenasalia. Having completed over 3,800 dog vaccinations with partners just this year, Kura’s Pride’s expansion to include a mobile veterinary unit will ramp up our efforts to keep both wild and domestic animals healthy and deadly diseases at bay.
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Facing A Climate Crisis Together
Northern Kenya has been in the grips of a severe drought. People, wildlife, and livestock are all struggling. Children are walking miles to school just to get a cup of water. Livestock are dying on the trek back from distant waterholes. Wildlife have nothing left to eat. Ewaso Lions has teamed up with the Grevy’s Zebra Trust and Save the Elephants to support the national reserves and conservancies, providing water, fuel, and supplies so that we can all get through it together.
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Restoring our Land and Pride
The Mama Simba ladies have teamed up with the Grevy’s Zebra Trust to grow grass in degraded areas, building resilience for wild prey and lions. The Mamas have received great results despite the challenges faced throughout the year.
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Ewaso Lions Presents
Our team got together to share their most vulnerable experiences of conservation at the Wildlife Conservation Network Expo. We also held Booth Talks, intimate sessions where we gave deeper insights into some of our programmes.
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Nanai’s Journey to Recovery
In September, Jeneria was informed of an injured lion. It was Nanai, his favourite lioness.
In the weeks that followed, our team, park rangers and vets worked tirelessly to return Nanai to good health.
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