FastJet brand on hold, AGAIN …


Reports from Nairobi yesterday evening speak of substantial animosity and arguments on the board of Fly 540, where the representatives of one section of shareholders apparently put the brakes on any future developments vis a vis the planned rebranding, until questions on the present legal cases and the implications for the company have been resolved to their satisfaction. A usually reliable source with insight into the affairs at 540 in fact speculated over the possibility of the entire deal being subject to re-negotiation now as allegations have been made that the respective debts or potential liabilities were not fully reflected in the companys books.
The low cost carrier has been battered of late with legal cases which has done little to enhance the reputation of the company and internal disagreements, on board and management level have only added fuel to the fire of rumours which has swept the aviation industry like a wildfire.
More waiting then for regular travelers by air across Eastern Africa it seems who had high hopes when recent media reports spoke of the new brand FastJet intending to introduce A319 aircraft to the fleet of aging aircraft Fly 540 currently uses for their main domestic and regional destinations. Watch this space as slowly but surely more news emerge and can be shared.

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