FastJet manager of UK origin in court over allegedly abusing Tanzanian employee


Information received from a regular aviation source in Dar es Salaam speaks of more woes on the ground for FastJet when one of their managers was arrested and produced in court over the alleged use of abusive language against a Tanzanian employee. UK citizen Emma Donovan, Manager Flight Operations for the upstart airline, was produced in court after reportedly evading arrest for several days, where she was formally charged before the case was adjourned until after Easter. The incident had reportedly taken place on 19th of March, when she allegedly used insulting language against a co-worker, though it could not be established if racial slurs or undertones were involved. She has since been released on bail but will not be able to leave the country until after the case is over.

There have been constant rumours about a rift between the top management of European descent – no significant top position in the airline is reportedly held by a Tanzanian citizen and in fact some of the airline’s top executives have their offices in the UK – and their local employees, a situation this latest case now gone to court seems to confirm to some extent.

No matter what the verdict of the court will be, when the case has finally been heard in full and evidence been given by all parties, this is another PR disaster of the highest order for FastJet which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons vis a vis their legal cases with erstwhile darling partner Fly 540, a short lived union which has since fallen apart and descended into mudslinging and dates in court. Watch this space.

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  1. LH? Who are you ? Please acknowledge who you are and why you have interest in this past solved case off 12 months+ago ?

  2. Freelance journalist. At the time researching Europeans working in Africa. I was just curious as there appears never to have been any follow up reports. A bit startled by your defensive reply emD72.