Fastjet Zimbabwe looks forward to opening new destinations in 2023


(Posted 13th January 2023)


Fastjet Zimbabwe, the award-winning value-based airline has
today announced the intention to commence air services to two new domestic leisure
destinations of Kariba and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

Commencing late March 2023, fastjet is set to introduce their new services from Harare
and Victoria Falls to Kariba Airport and Hwange National Park Airport.

These planned additional routes to the airline’s domestic network will offer seamless
connections for travellers from Harare and Victoria Falls to Zimbabwe’s top domestic
tourism destinations of Kariba and Hwange, with scheduled flight connections using
Embraer E120, 30-seater turboprop aircraft.

Nunurai Ndawana fastjet Zimbabwe spokesperson said “We continue to demonstrate our
commitment to the growth of tourism and the sustainability of air services in the markets
we serve. The addition of these leisure destinations will greatly support our vision”.
“The Embraer E120 is a robust turboprop aircraft designed for domestic operations,
offering customers a pressurised cabin with spacious legroom and overhead baggage
space. We intend to align our timings to schedule our flights in such a way that we offer
customers the flexibility and convenience of multiple frequencies per day”.


Working closely with our industry stakeholders and partners, including Airports
Company of Zimbabwe and the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, we continue to
explore ways to further develop the domestic Zimbabwean flight network. We are
delighted to announce that our new flights to Hwange and Kariba from our tourism hub
of Victoria Falls and our Harare base, will be supported with onward connections on Mack
Air / South West Aviation into the Hwange National Park, the lodges of the Kariba eastern
basin and the camps and operations in Mana Pools and the lower Zambezi. Mack Air with
South West Aviation will be developing a new hub at Kariba, along with their existing hubs
in Victoria Falls and Harare to support these seamless connections to and from fastjet’s
services.” said Vivian Ruwuya, fastjet Zimbabwe’s Chief Commercial Officer before concluding:

The introduction of flights to Kariba and Hwange now allows visitors in Victoria Falls to
explore the wonders of Zimbabwe further by visiting both Hwange National Park and
enjoy some time on the lake in Kariba with its varied activities of game viewing, boating
and fishing”.

Kariba and Hwange will add to fastjet’s domestic destinations of Harare, Bulawayo, and
Victoria Falls, as well as provide straightforward connectivity for international customers
flying in from Johannesburg via Victoria Falls to and from Kariba.

The new flights will be available for booking via the fastjet website, App and usual online
trade portals in the coming days.

Schedule between Victoria Falls (VFA) and Kariba (KAB)

Beginning 27 March 2023

VFA-KAB Flight FN6204

KAB-VFA Flight FN6203

Depart 13:30 Arrive 14:30 Depart 10:20 Arrive 11:20
Schedule between Victoria Falls (VFA) and Hwange National Park (HWN)

Beginning 27 March 2023

VFA-HWN Flight FN6206


HWN-VFA Flight FN6205


Depart 10:30 Arrive 11:55 Depart 11:30 Arrive 11:55
Schedule between Harare (HRE) and Kariba (KAB)

Beginning 27 March 2023

HRE-KAB Flight FN6201

KAB-HRE Flight FN6202

Depart 09:00 Arrive 09:50 Depart 15:00 Arrive 15:50
Schedule between Harare (HRE) and Hwange National Park (HWN)

Beginning 27 March 2023


Flight FN8001 Connecting with
Flight FN6206 VFA-HWN



Flight FN6205 Connecting with
Flight FN8004 VFA-HRE

Depart 08:40 Arrive 10:55 (One Stop) Depart 11:30 Arrive 16:05 (One Stop)


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