Ferry strike in Mombasa averted, for now!



In what amounts to a humiliating climbdown was the CEO of Kenya Ferry Services last weekend forced to publicly apologize to his staff, left with no choice by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport Cyrus Njiru. The coastal population, and tourists alike, were spared the nightmare of a fully fledged strike after days of slow go had already caused long queues and inconvenienced Mombasa and South Coast residents. The Permanent Secretary also ensured that pending bonuses worth 11 million Kenya Shillings were paid immediately to the staff of the ferry company, something management had dragged its feet over for months at end. Musa Hassan, who had reportedly walk out of the negotiations last Thursday, in another loss of face was also ordered to resume talks with staff and union, as his own position is becoming increasingly untenable. The next round of negotiations, according to a Mombasa based source, is due for October 19th until which ferry operations are expected to run smoothly. Should no agreement be reached by then however, it can be expected that the strike threat would be renewed with another notice given and slow go in the build up to it. Watch this space.

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