Festival Kreol ante portas in the Seychelles

The 27th edition of the Seychelles Festival Kreol reveals its calendar of events

Victoria, the Creole Capital of the World, in the Seychelles is dressing up to welcome International delegates from Mauritius, Rodrigues,Reunion and Mexico to the 27th edition of the “Festival Kreol’’ which officially opens on the 26th of October in the center of Victoria. During six days Seychelles will proudly celebrate its Creole identity with friends of Creole speaking countries in a wide range of public and paid events geared for all segments of the population.

Just a week before the official opening ceremony of “Festival Kreol’’ Seychelles revealed its tailored made program encompassing events such as cultural performances, gastronomy, painting and poetry. A spectacular official opening paying tribute to Seychelles personalities who have left their prints in our culture will kick start the festival on the 26th October 2012 at the International Conference Center. The one hour official opening ceremony stage under the theme ‘Creole myth and mystical characters’; the theme of the 45 hour show played in the official opening will enthralled the crowd into a colourful ceremony. The show will also be broadcast live at 18h00 on big screen erected on the building of the National Culture Centre and in the Children’s playground in Victoria.

For this year’s edition, Seychelles is bringing a new element to the festival. The garden of the National Culture Centre will house for three consecutive days 26th 27th 29th a village of Creole Speaking Countries showcasing their cuisine, music, painting and different facets of their Creole Identity.

On a more serious note the teams from secondary schools securing a place in the final of the Quiz Competition will be battling for a first, second and third place at 10.00hrs on the 26th October at the National theatre. The final of the Quiz competition will be followed at 11.00hr with the public speaking finals for adults. At Kenwyn House, one of the oldest and most notable examples of French colonial architecture on the Island of Mahe, art aficionados will be able to discover Camille Mondon’s water collection of paintings. The solo exhibition will officially open at 17h30. Whereas at 20h00, hours after the official opening of “ Festival Kreol’’ the stage will be decorated for the children’s variety show.

On Saturday 27th October, the village of Creole speaking countries will welcome its visitors at 10h00 and will remain open until 18h00. A first for Seychelles, Alliance Francaise will presents at 10h00 a puppet show “ Tigouya” “ Lo margouya te i ve ale voir la mer’. A show rich in colours staged by a theatre group from Reunion “ Theatre des Alberts’’ , tells the story of a fascinating creature, a Gecko symbol of Reunion Island “ Le Margouillat ’’ like they common called which takes the street for a journey to discover the richness of Reunion Island. “ Tigouya” the name given to the Gecko in the puppet show is staged by Eric Domenicone and played by Sylvie Esperance and Stéphane Deslande. The theatre group from Reunion will present two shows for the public and school children. The first will be at 10h00 on the 27th at the National Theatre.

The agriculture and Horticulture show will open at 10h00 at Grand Anse Mahe and at 11h45 St. Anne Resort will feature an exhibition entitled “ Coco de Mer”, a unique artwork by Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin inspired by Seychelles Coco de Mer nut. At 14h45 the town of Victoria will glow with a stream of children parading in a serenade. Dressed up in colourful flamboyant traditional clothes swinging to the beat of music the school children will start their serenade at Huteau Lane, down to Albert Street converging in a flow of noises called “Pipili Kreol” at the Clock Tower. The children will then perform a variety of traditional dance with the backdrop of the Clock Tower. The night will end with a concert by Patrick Victor and a Fashion show “Rhythm and Spice’’ at Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Hotel.

Sunday 28th October, the highlight will be the populous Creole beach fair or “Dimans Kreol Borlanmer’’ starting at 10h00 at Au Cap in the vicinity of Creole Institute and La Plaine St. Andre. A job fair will also be opened at 10h00 till 16h00 at the Creole Institute. “Tifin” a degustation of Creole homemade cakes and a variety of pastries traditionally served in weddings and special gatherings features once again on this year’s calendar of event. The event will be hosted by the Beau Vallon District Administration at 13h00. The discovery of Seychelles Heritage Routes and the district of Cascade is programmed for 8h00. Hikers will be able to discover Mt Sebert breathtaking view in the Cascade district. The “vye marmit’’ restaurant will open its doors to the public at 14h00 for a traditional dance of “ Tinge & Moureng” and at the Riverside Pentecostal Church a Creole Gospel concert will start at 14h00.

On the fourth day of the festival, Monday 29th October Academics converging to Seychelles will join with their Seychellois counterpart in the International Colloquium at the Creole Institute. The official opening is set at 9h30. Animation at the Village of Creole Speaking continues for a third and last consecutive day at 10h00 till 18h00 in the garden of the National Culture Centre. The Hall of the National Culture Centre will play host to the official opening of a collection of art works from young talented artists of Creole speaking world. The exhibition under the theme “biodiversity’’ will open at 11h00 . Another collection of paintings will be on display at “Carrefour des Arts’’ exhibition hall. The exhibition will showcase artworks of professional artists from Praslin and La Digue. The official opening of the exhibition is listed at 17h00. For a second consecutive year the Creole Institute will launch a collection of Creole Books by Seychellois authors. Five Seychellois authors Bernard Valentin , Arzette Radegonde, Lise Morel, Colette Gillieaux and Penda Choppy will launch their books in the Literary evening called “ Anba Moulapa”. Bernard Valentin’s short story is titled “ Lema Paviyon’’, Arzette Radegonde’s romance “ Dezyenm sans’’ Lise Morel children’s collection“ mon ti a kontan vwar’’ Colette Gillieaux children collection “ Larantre’’ and Penda Choppy book for adolescent “ Bingo” will be launched at 18h30 in an evening called “ Anba Moulapa’’.

On Tuesday 30th of October the exhibition of young artists will be opened for public viewing at the National Culture Centre at 9h00. At the “ Carrefour des Arts’’ the exhibition for professional artists on La Digue and Praslin will also be opened for public viewing at 10h00 . The International Colloquium enters in its second day at the Creole Institute. A second puppet show “ Tigouya’’ will be staged for the public at 10h00 at the National theatre and a food fair will open in the garden of the National Culture Centre. “ Cine Sesel” presents at 19hrs a film projection at the National Culture Centre . Future Seychelles producers and actors will be given a 72hours chrono to brainstorm on a given theme by “Cine Sesel” committee and produce a small film Creole film. All films will be projected at 19hrs. At 20hr00 Seychelles talented singer Sandra will be live in Concert at the International Conference Centre.

Wednesday 31st of October the curtain will fall on the 27th edition of ‘‘Festival Kreol with a traditional Creole ball. The “Leve Tradisyon Band” will throughout the night until six in the morning entertain the dancers. This year’s “Voyaz” will pay tribute to Creole Collette Gillieaux. This event will be held at l’Alliance Francaise at 10h00. A special guest from La Reunion, Genevieve Ceccaldi will be present at l’Alliance Francaise to present an animation show for school children. The Garden of the National Culture Centre will host a variety of events: 11h00 a food fair will be opened for the public and 16h30 the public will be able to listen to poem and stories and watch a performance of the traditional troupe. Jean Marc Volcy will be live in concert at 19h00 at the international conference centre, a music performance of Seychellois and regional artists “Lakadans” is scheduled at 20h00 at the Ex SMB Hall and a traditional ball “Bal Kreol” is programmed at 20h00 at the International Conference Centre. La Bastille will be opened for the public at 9h00 for a Drumstick Leaves day and at 10h00 hikers will discover a second heritage routes on Mahe in the Port Glaud district.