Flying into or out of Nairobi on Friday and Sunday – better read on!


(Posted 23rd July 2015)

The shadows of Air Force One, due to swoop into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Friday evening, are growing longer and longer and much of the coverage, besides the inevitable jubilations, are now dedicated to the traffic disruptions the Obama visit is going to cause during his three days in Kenya.

Kenya Airways, almost predictably, is the first of the airlines operating in and out of JKIA, going on record with notices of departure and arrival changes and anticipated delays caused at JKIA due to the airport closure which was announced via a NOTAM two days ago.

The affected flights have been named as follows:

Kenya Airways expects some disruptions to its flight schedule during this time and will endeavor it remains at minimum. Some flights departing or arriving during the closure time have been re-scheduled as per the below chart.

Friday 24th July 2015 Flights
Arrival flights:
Flight no. Adjusted time (mins) Status Affected Station
KQ532/533 60 Delayed NBO
KQ670/671 40 Early departure NBO
KQ415 65 Delayed EBB
KQ113 60 Delayed CDG
KQ586 60 Delayed NBO
KQ726 30 Delayed NBO
KQ257 30 Delayed TNR
Departure flights:
Flight no. Adjusted time (mins) Status Affected Station
KQ310 15 Early departure NBO
KQ870 40 Delayed NBO
KQ720 50 Delayed NBO

Sunday 26th July 2015 Flights
Arrival flights:
Flight no. Adjusted time (mins) Status Affected Station
KQ608/609 20 Early departure NBO
KQ265 20 Delayed HAH
Departure flights
Flight no. Adjusted time (mins) Status Affected Station
KQ670 30 Delayed NBO

It is also expected that there will be road closures around Nairobi and particularly Mombasa Road. This will affect those trying to reach JKIA for their flights. We request all guests on scheduled flights on the two days to plan their journeys to the airport well in advance and allow for additional travel time to JKIA.

Travel agents with clients travelling out of the country or due to leave from Nairobi for domestic destinations in Mombasa, Malindi, Eldoret and Kisumu have already alerted them to the urgent need to leave several hours ahead for the international airport to avoid being stopped, finding roads closed or being denied access into the airport in the final hours prior to the arrival of the US President. Local police communiques have confirmed that Waiyaki Way, Uhuru Highway and Mombasa Road will be closed on Friday from 14.00 hrs onwards, which means that if passengers are to leave in the evening, they should be at the airport at that time already or else risk missing their flight.

Frankly speaking, what we told our clients to travel on another day if they can but not Friday or Sunday. This is most important if flight schedules coincide with the announced airport closures. The main road to JKIA will be off limits from 2 pm and our clients must either arrive there at noon and spend their time waiting in the passenger lounges or else fly another day. Even tour groups departing that Friday and Sunday have been told about it and their last day itineraries will need adjusting. Combined with the runway closures from midnight to six in the morning for repairs this will put a lot of stress on JKIA. I know, everyone sounds happy that Obama is finally coming to Kenya but believe me, we will all be equally happy to see him go home and things return to normal again. But as you never tired to point out, we sold a lot of packages to the coast to people who rather took some leave days instead of being caught up in what will be horrendous traffic in Nairobi. Many others have booked for a long weekend in Naivasha, Nanyuki or the national parks. The Obama visit is great for domestic tourism and #TembeaKenya will benefit from it’.

Indeed has the visit both upsides and downsides but from feedback received will a good number of readers rather watch news updates and live transmissions from a television set at a beach resort or an upcountry hotel than listening to the news on their car radio, stuck in bumper to bumper standing traffic.

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