Free WiFi for those arriving and departing impressions from the paradise islands


(Posted 21st May 2015)

Seychelles’ leading telecommunications company Cable & Wireless has reportedly just signed an agreement with the Seychelles’ Civil Aviation Authority to provide free WiFi services for passengers at the archipelago’s main airports. Benefitting will arriving and departing passengers using the international terminal, allowing them to almost instantly send Tweets, Instagram pictures and Facebook messages, as a first brag towards their friends and as a last memento before they board their aircraft to fly home.

The service also extends to the adjoining domestic terminal – which is undergoing major transformation – and the domestic aerodrome on the archipelago’s second largest island Praslin.

Present at the launch, which was performed by the Principal Secretary for Information and Communications Technology Benjamin Choppy, was the Seychelles’ Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transport Joel Morgan, Cable & Wireless Seychelles’ CEO Charles Hammond and SCAA CEO Gilbert Faure.

Once connected can passengers use the free service for 60 minutes after which one either pays or else go silent.

Notably does the Air Seychelles’ First and Business Class lounge at the airport offer unrestricted free WiFi for premium passengers, besides a splendid view over the runway and the apron allowing for great pictures of aircraft landing, taxiing and parking.

Across the islands does C&W provide hotspots which tourists, at a cost, can sign into.

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