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(Posted 02nd January 2023)


GHE Newsletter 2022-12


In the previous edition of this newsletter we listed the successes of our responsible travel company, but as we enter 2023 it’s high time to remind ourselves why we exist. Our ultimate goal is a peaceful and successful Gorilla Highlands region shared by Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo, and our main bet is on the youth of the three countries.

We have just had a wonderful Christmas Camp with 20+ youngsters, supported by a Slovenian company iPROM and our friend Aljoša Trivan. In the future such camps will be the award for successful graduates of Youth Spaces. Piloted in 2023, these will be physical and virtual spaces connecting young people and giving them practical skills that lead to personal development, civic engagement and regional peacebuilding.

To build Youth Spaces we will need:

  • thinkers and creatives who will help us prepare fantastic Youth Spaces programs
  • volunteers who will make such programs a reality
  • well-wishers who will help pay the bills
Interested? Simply reply to us …
(And don’t miss the visually stunning report from the Christmas Camp …)