#GorillaHighlands booklet scores high on first user survey


(Posted 17th June 2018)

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Miha Logar and his team were super busy after the recent Gorilla Highlands Silverchef Competition, conducted a survey how readers judge the user friendliness of their 2018 edition of their hand booklet and then created a new format for their news updates.
Wrote Miha:

It was an interesting creative challenge: How to make a newsletter that works nice on WhatsApp? And how to make it appealing in countries with low reading culture?

We hope we have made it: Gorilla Highlands News #1 (WhatsApp edition)

A more ordinary email version of the newsletter will follow on Tuesday…

The primary audience for GH News are the partners of the Gorilla Highlands initiative, however, it might appeal to others as well. Wanna subscribe to the WhatsApp edition? Please message us. Prefer the email one? Email us please.

And here is the result, have a look and judge for yourself just how much more user friendly this medium has now become.

Meanwhile are the survey results accessible for everyone with a laptop or a smart phone, not just WhatsApp users through the following link:


Enjoy the updates and sign up to their newsletters and website updates which cover one of Africa’s greatest adventure tourism regions comprising Uganda, Rwanda and Eastern Congo.