Hell’s Gate National Park gorges re-open


Following a thorough review of safety procedures and emergency response mechanisms has KWS over the weekend re-opened the gorges, where some 2 months ago disaster struck when a flash flood carried away seven Kenyan youths on a team building exercise. KWS CEO Dr. Julius Kipngetich made the announcement at the park while attending the annual wheel barrow race, which brings communities together to raise funds for the park and projects nearby. Dr. Julius was quoted by a source attending the event that the danger zones in the gorges were now clearly marked, urging utmost caution when traversing such stretches during periods of rain, even distant rain, so that escape routes can be identified to swiftly evacuate from the flood prone gorges should the need arise.
He also reportedly responded again to demands by local politicians making hay out of the tragedy, that the park name would not be changed as it was part of making it attractive to foreign and local visitors keen to find out what hidden secrets the park may hold.
This years event raised 18 million Kenya Shillings which will largely go towards the establishment of an education centre for young girls, to give them an equal chance to succeed in life. Dr. Julius added that KWS was working hand in hand with the Kenya Tourist Board and other partners to make the annual wheel barrow race at Hells Gate an international event and part of Kenyas calendar of festivals and happenings, so as to attract more international visitors to the park. Hells Gate National Park is also renowned as a venue for filming commercials or scenes then used in international movie releases, evidence that indeed it is a place to be and a place to visit. Watch this space and for more information visit www.kws.go.ke

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