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Colobus Conservation Asks To Help Colobus Conservation Rehabilitate Orphan Primates

At this time of year here at Colobus Conservation we receive a lot of orphaned primates that need our help to survive.

As orphans do not have a mother to feed them, keep them warm and teach them how to be a primate, the staff and volunteers take on these roles. Baby primates can become orphans for many reasons but the most common causes in Diani include: car accidents; electrocution; and dog attacks. The ultimate aim of orphan rearing is to increase each orphans chance of growing into a healthy adult, so they can be released and live the wild life so suited to primates! Rearing orphans requires a lot of time, energy and commitment, as they have to be fed every couple of hours, even through the night, especially if they are nocturnal!

Meet Maji………….

Maji sleeping after a good feed
Maji is our newest arrival and is an orphaned male bush baby that was found alone under a tree at a local resort here in Diani. Without our care, Maji would not have survived. Bush babies are nocturnal and strictly arboreal (they stay up in the tree canopy) so finding one on the ground always indicates there is something wrong. Maji is currently being hand reared by our team of dedicated staff and volunteers. As bush babies are solitary primates, Maji will be released as soon as he is able to find food for himself and avoid predators. You can help us to successfully rear and release Maji by adopting him on the link below:

We also have a number of other young orphan monkeys currently in rehabilitation at the centre, like Whitecap and Amadeus. Since these monkeys live in social groups, they learn the skills they need for a life in the wild from other monkeys. As soon as orphan monkeys are old enough to be weaned, they are integrated with other monkeys in rehabilitation at the centre and human interaction is reduced. This prevents monkeys from becoming too familiar with humans and allows them to develop natural monkey behaviour.
You can help us to rear orphans like Maji and Amadeus, by adopting Maji or one of the monkeys in rehabilitation at Colobus Conservation on the link below:

Alternatively, you can help us to reduce electrocutions and other factors that cause monkeys to become orphans on the link below:

Orphan rearing is just one of the many objectives of Colobus Conservation alongside coastal forest habitat protection, reforestation, community education, poverty alleviation and environmental research. Please help us to protect this biodiversity hotspot from further degeneration by visiting our Facebook page on the link below and clicking on the donate now button:

Thank you for supporting Colobus Conservation!

Alice Slade
Campaign Coordinator


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