Homecoming after 50 years – read on to find out about this remarkable wildlife relocation


(Posted 04th July 2015)


(Picture courtesy of UWA / UTB)

Lake Mburo National Park, located near the municipality of Mbarara, South Western Uganda’s largest town and Uganda’s second largest town, has just received a major boost to its game watching reputation. 15 Rothschild giraffes were relocated from Murchisons Falls National Park into Lake Mburo, relieving giraffe population pressure in one park while adding another attraction to another.

UWA’s Executive Director Dr. Andrew Seguya was at hand when the first eight were leaving Murchisons earlier in the week and used the opportunity to say: ‘Introducing the giraffes in Lake Mburo will help diversity wildlife and consequently attract tourists’.

Giraffes went extinct in the Lake Mburo area nearly half a century ago and the relocation was therefore not, as some critics have alleged, an introduction of an alien species to the area but a return of a species which once populated and roamed this part of Uganda.

UWA, according to information received, has carried out extensive scientific studies to ascertain that the animals’ main food source was available and that the general habitat suited to bring the endangered Rothschild giraffe species into the park. The prevalence of acacia trees and shrubs in the park was a primary factor in deciding in favour of Lake Mburo over other possible locations like Kidepo Valley National Park. A team of veterinarian doctors are at hand to monitor the giraffes for the first few weeks to ensure that

Notably did sister organization Kenya Wildlife Service support the relocation in logistical terms and thanks are extended to KWS’ leadership and the staff involved for their assistance to make this relocation a success.

Apart from rest camps and campsides inside the park is the Mihingo Safari Lodge, located just outside the park boundary, the best choice of accommodation, as several activities like game walks and horseback safaris are on offer for guests. For added information on Destination Uganda click on www.visituganda.com or check out the Uganda Wildlife Authority’s website with details on this and all other parks and game reserves via www.ugandawildlife.org

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