Hospitality news update – The power of TripAdvisor, but what if they are wrong

A raging controversy has broken out between a previously Number One ranked hotel and TripAdvisor, after the latter had red flagged the property for allegedly writing their own reviews.
The Riverside Hotel and Restaurant in Evesham / Worcestershire in the UK appears to be suffering from the action of at least one, possible more guests, who enthusiastically wrote their reviews while still in the hotel, having the ISP ID of the property pop up and leading to TripAdvisors suspicions.
It does appear that TripAdvisor in its extensive users manual section had made mention that reviews should be written when returning home and the company also contends that they had been in contact with the property in question twice before, but the hotels owners now plan to take legal action as are many others contemplating too around the world after their business literally collapsed when the red flag was posted.
This correspondent has on occasions posted his own reviews as Safariafficionado while still at a property but about to check out and leave, with recollections still fresh, especially when moving along an extensive travel itinerary. This leaves the question to be answered by TripAdvisor to probably strengthen their recognition mechanisms and focus on the writer of the review and less on the location it was posted from. And given the popularity of TripAdvisor does anyone really still travel without checking out their intended resorts and hotels in this globally leading review site they should employ extra care to prevent punishing properties with hasty reactions without first exhausting due process. They do have due process it is hoped and if not, it should become a gold standard beyond reproach.