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In a rapidly changing global aviation environment, staying up-to-date and aligned to the latest industry regulations, processes and best practices is key to safe and efficient ground and cargo handling operations.

Whether your team is performing ground handling operations, or is processing, labeling and shipping various types of cargo, including time-, temperature- and handling-sensitive commodities, IATA has the guidance you need through a full range of Air Cargo and Ground Handling Industry Standards Manuals.

Air Cargo Standards Manuals & Dangerous Goods Regulations
There are important updates to air cargo handling and shipping standards every year. The IATA Cargo Standards manuals always reflect these changes and are the trusted source you need to ensure shipments are prepared and handled safely and comply with regulations for all types of commodities.
Explore the 2019 editions and learn about some of the notable changes effective 1 January 2019 >>
Airport Handling and Ground Operations Manuals
AHM is the only industry-approved standard for safe and efficient airport operations, and the reference for the latest ground handling policies and safety guidelines. IGOM harmonizes ground handling processes and procedures for frontline personnel and is also the reference tool for ISAGO auditors.
Explore the 2019 AHM & IGOM and see what’s new for 2019 >>
Whether your focus is on ramp operations, or on ensuring the efficient circulation of goods through the cargo supply chain, the IATA Air Cargo and Ground Handling Standards Manuals are must-have resources for effective and compliant performance in 2019.
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