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(Posted 26th July 2022)

World Youth Skills Day, celebrated every year in July, recognizes the importance of empowering young people with the skills they need to build successful careers.

Aviation’s future looks bright! For all future aviators, it’s time to start building your career in this high-demand industry that already supports 60+ mil jobs worldwide. Imagine the opportunities!
Here’s how to get started:
Prepare for takeoff 

Prepare for takeoff:
Learn about the many options and career paths available in the aviation industry and find the runway that matches your passion.

Chart your course 

Chart your course:
Choose from 400+ courses that will provide the specific skills aviation employers are looking for to jumpstart your success.

Future-proof your career 

Future-proof your career:
Gain an aviation course certification or diploma that boosts your resume and sets you apart as you advance your career in this high-demand industry.
Whatever your passion, we’ve got course for you! Over the next weeks we’ll tell you more about the different career paths you can follow and which courses we’d recommend for you. Get started and explore our self-study programs today.

Already an aviation professional? 

Explore our advanced courses.

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