If you think the carnival this year is over, think again …


(Posted 11th March 2015)

While many have heard the marketing slogan ‘Seychelles – another world’ probably fewer will think that the annual ‘Carnaval de Carnivals – the Carnival International de Victoria’ is equally another world altogether, as it brings the carnivalistas from around the world to the Seychelles to strut their stuff and be part of the costumed juggernaut which waltzes through Victoria every year now. Several of the leading tour operators in Europe, who send the most tourists to the islands, will this year come and join the fun and participate, mixing pleasure with some work as their presence on the archipelago will be used to showcase the many tourism attractions, accommodation options and give ample opportunity to soak up the atmosphere, before, during and after the Carnival.

This year will be a mix of colours and cultures, beauty and passion, music song and dance and new troupes have confirmed their participation like the Momo King from Sao Paulo in Brazil, Notting Hill will return to Mahe and Miss Seychelles will be supported on her float by Miss Tanzania and Miss USA. ‘

Wrote the Seychelles’ Minister of Tourism and Culture, Alain St. Ange just now:

For the fifth edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria, Brazil has promised to be back once again and this time round they will be represented by the popular Momo King group.

Since the carnival’s very beginning in 2011, Brazil has always been a loyal international participant, contributing towards the carnival’s success and wow effect.

It will be the Momo King group’s first trip to the Seychelles and aside from impressing the crowd they will surely be working towards winning the coveted best international float prize, which was won last year by China’s Hai Cheng Stilt dancers. Brazil’s School O Samba had to settle for third place since UK’s Notting Hill Road show Company had taken the second position.

Momo King’s float and display will represent a burst of energy, colours, samba and joy under the theme ‘Sao Paulo, experience it all!’ Through their parade they are hoping to give the audience a glimpse into the culture of the biggest and most famous Brazilian city. Just like Seychelles, Sao Paolo represents a melting pot of cultures, receiving people from all around the world in a tolerant environment, respecting diversity of creeds, ethnic groups, sexual orientation and tribes.

We are preparing some surprises and special costumes to our parade. I am sure that will be a beautiful spectacle” said Mr. Juliano Barbosa, the General Coordinator of the Brazilian Delegation’.

One added element which has emerged over the past years is the local participation which has grown in leaps and bounds and where local companies, schools like the Seychelles Tourism Academy, clubs and artists have embraced the concept of the carnival and are vying with ever better ideas and more sophisticated floats to capture the first price as best local participant.

They will perform alongside the world’s top carnival nations, Brazil, UK’s Notting Hill, Germany and other countries like South Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia, Spain and the island of Reunion have all confirmed that they will be part of what has become the Seychelles’ most visible festival.

(Scenes of last year’s carnival parade)

The Seychelles’ delegation at ITB 2015 in Berlin left out no opportunity to drum up additional support for the carnival and with the world’s leading TV channels and print publications heading to Mahe at the end of April can every participant be assured of maximum coverage and publicity for participating.

Flight options to Mahe are many, with Air Seychelles / Etihad, the official airline for the carnival, now flying as many as 13 times from Abu Dhabi to the island while Emirates flies double daily between Dubai and Mahe.

Kenya Airways flies four times a week to the Seychelles from Nairobi and Ethiopian too operates three flights a week, as does Mihin Lanka from Colombo.

Carnivalistas from around the world are looking forward to seeing the spectacle unfold on the 25th of April and as their carnival season is now long over already, will the Seychelles Carnival be their best option to get back into the costumes and strut their stuff before their own next season starts again.

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