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(Posted 14th May 2015)

Celebrate the kitchen!

The island of Reunion has a rich gastronomy fused together from many difference backgrounds. It is a subtle Chinese-inspired mosaic, European, Indian, African and even Malagasy. The Reunion Island Tourism (IRT), The Reunion of Food Club and the Union of Trades and the Hospitality Industries (UMIH) are organizing the event "Celebrate Cuisine!" next Thursday 21st of May, across the entire island.

The 19th annual "Celebrate Cuisine" even taking place on the island of Reunion will be held thisin 51 restaurants spread across the island, including Cilaos and Salazie. The restauranteurs will work extra hard to cook up a special menu offered at half its usual price and from among the dishes already on their menus.

The day will be dedicated to gourmet flavors and visitors and locals alike are invited to taste the various dishes offered by Reunion restaurateurs. Whether you are with family, friends, alone or inpairs, May 21st will be an opportunity to celebrate the cuisine in all its shapes, forms, presentations and tastes.

Anticipating a sell out crowd in all the 51 restaurants does IRT recommend advance bookings with the chosenrestaurant to avoid disappointment or long waits.

On the island of Reunion, the local cuisine has gained a heritage tourism dimension which must be preserved, with the image of the gastronomic meal of the French registered as a World Intangible Heritage by UNESCO since 2010. The Reunion Island blend of cuisine is the result of an exceptional cultural heritage that invites you to discover and to travel, the local traditions and values with food becoming a quintessential part of the history of La Réunion.

The fusion of the cuisine of La Reunion allows diners to discover a unique history forged by men from Africa, Madagascar, Europe and Asia. Reunion’s cultural and culinary blends present a universal challenge to successfully integrate, interact and experiment together rather than just coexist.

Throughout France is food celebrated during the Festival of Gastronomy taking place this year from 25th to 27th of September. The island Reunion is the only French region to actually celebrate the ‘Fete de la Cuisine’. The event, originally of a national nature no longer exists in mainland France for many years now. In a week from today will the island’s restauranteurs will put their signature dishes out in the open in the great feast for gourmets and gourmands during a food festival second to none.

The list of 51 restaurants participating in the operation are:
(** Master restauranteur – *** Restaurateur de France)


  • Arpeggios (Hotel Villa Angélique)
  • Art Kan Heaven (ex Chez Piat)
  • The Bistrot de La Porte des Lilas ** / ***
  • Fujiya **
  • The Calumets – Uncle Sam
  • The Arbradélis
  • Wasabi
  • The Austin
  • Zanzibar Café
  • The case in Bar


  • Le P’tit Gillot **
  • The 3 Brewers **

The Possession

  • The World Home
  • Luxor


  • Chez Paul
  • The Landing
  • Les 3 Brasseurs


  • L’Auberge Gourmande **


  • Ti Market
  • Bamboo Bar
  • Bar de la Marine
  • Chez Nous **
  • DCP ** Saint-Gilles
  • Fuzion
  • Ice Spot **
  • The Orangine (Restaurant Hotel Lux * Island of Réunion)
  • Le Beau Rivage – Cape Lobster **
  • Le Paille en Queue (Restaurant du Casino)
  • The Saint Michel (Hotel Restaurant)
  • Planch Alizé

Three Ponds

  • The Goëlo (RN 1)


  • The Veranda **
  • Leu Mélanzé

Plaine des Cafres

  • The Grillanoo
  • Le Panoramic
  • Old Shingle

Le Tampon

  • La Fiesta


  • Alize Beach ***
  • La Plancha ** / ***
  • Club Gascon
  • The Factory
  • Newport’s
  • Retro
  • The Tropikal
  • The 3 Brewers **
  • 7Ô’trement
    St. Joseph
  • At Jo **

St. Philip

  • La Marmite ** Fisherman


  • Le Poisson Rouge


  • The Plane


  • Chez Alice

Rougail sausages - © Studio Light

For those unable to be in Reunion on that day there is some consolation though as here is a recipe from the island which readers can prepare at home and indulge while thinking of Reunion!

The recipe for Sausages Rougail

Ingredients (for four people)

  • 800g smoked sausages
  • 4-5 tomatoes
  • 4 large peppers
  • salt pepper
  • 3 tablespoons oil


  • Boil the sausage after ‘airing’ it with a fork
  • Drain the sausages and cut into pieces of approximately 2cm
  • Chop onions finely
  • Cut the tomatoes into small cubes
  • Cut large peppers into strips lengthwise but remove the seeds
  • Saute in oil the sausage pieces
  • Add onions and diced tomatoes
  • Season to taste
  • Cook a few minutes over high heat
  • Add about 40 cl of water and reduce
  • Add chilies and simmer before serving

Bon appetite from all the people of Reunion!

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