Inaugural #Kinshasa flight by #FlyDubai prompts scheduling changes in #Entebbe


(Posted 16th April 2018)

(Picture courtesy of FlyDubai Kinshasa)

As reported here earlier in the year ( has Dubai’s second state owned airline yesterday commenced daily flights to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The Boeing B737-800NG, configured with a business class and an economy class section, is now leaving Dubai DXB daily as flight FZ617 at 08.00 hrs local time and arrives in Entebbe at 12.20 hrs local time.
After a one hour stop is the aircraft then proceeding to Kinshasa, landing at 14.20 hrs local time.
The return service, operating as FZ618, then takes off from Kinshasa at 15.20 hrs before stopping over in Entebbe / Uganda again at 20.15 hrs. The final leg of this triangular flight then leaves Entebbe at 21.15 hrs and comes in to land in Dubai at 03.45 hrs, all times again local and as per schedule.
Traveler out of Entebbe on FlyDubai now need to get used to the new arrival and departure times both ways. Connections into the FlyDubai network out of DXB are said t to be significant in numbers and assure of easy transit times.
The question if FlyDubai has been able to secure fifth freedom right for flights between Entebbe and Kinshasa has yet to be answered by either the Ugandan aviation body or the airline itself.

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