Inter Island Ferry adds new three deck catamaran to fleet


(Posted 13th August 2013)



A brand new catamaran ferry will be joining the fleet of Cat Cocos to add much needed capacity for the growing number of locals and tourists going by sea from the main island of Mahe to Praslin.

An overall capacity of 475 seats will offer a business class section with only 15 seats, where catering of snacks and drinks is standard service, while the three deck ferry then offers the option of seating in the 23 seat Island Hopper Class or else on the main deck and the upper decks, depending on the type of ticket purchased.

The Inter Island Ferry Company has in recent years been investing in new equipment to ensure that the scheduled trips between the two largest islands of the archipelago are running with minimum delays.

The ‘Isle de Mahe’ will be formally entering service on the 20th of August, i.e. in exactly a week from today, after final touches have been made to the new ship and the crew been fully acquainted with its operation and safety procedures in a series of trial runs.

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