Interview with Vanilla Island Cooperation President, Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture, the Hon. Alain St. Ange Reproduced from the ‘Mauritius News on Sunday’

Seychelles Minister Alain St.Ange one-on- one interview with Mauritius News on Sunday.

Seychelles’ nomination as the first President of Vanilla Island organisation has generated interest in the Mauritius Press News on Sunday and made a sensational news angle.

The Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St. Ange, a strong supporter of the setting up and the success of the Vanilla Island concept was unanimously elected recently as President of the organisation during a meeting held in Seychelles on the 7th of July.

His nomination, a media gold mine, has been reported by regional media and sparked series of one- on ­one interviews.

The interview question and answer format published in Mauritius news on Sunday has nevertheless provided to its readers a valuable insight of the organisation and a glimpse of Minister St.Anges reactions at being the first president of the Vanilla Island organisation.

Minister St.Ange has used the catchy word honour to describe this position of leading a fully fledged organisation adding with a brilliant opening salvo that the Vanilla Island is a plus for the region {…..} and that only a strong region can strengthen the Indian Ocean islands tourism industry.

In a few straight forward and frequently asked questions, Minister St.Ange has spoken about Seychelles success in hosting Routes Africa forum 8th -10th July 2012 and in an open question on the challenges of Seychelles Tourism after the temporarily cessation of long haul air traffic, he has stressed on the need for Seychelles to keep on being innovative and pro-active in its strategic planning exercises and to work in close collaboration with destination and partners who like Seychelles are innovative in their approaches {…}

If Seychelles hailing of 100,000th visitors on its soil has made hard news in the media, The News on Sunday has run this story on a different angle, exploring the possibility that it could be a sign that Seychelles Tourism industry is taking a vertical mobility.

Adding flesh to the bones, Minister St.Ange said that Tourism is a very frickle industry and although we are encouraged by current visitor arrival number because it vindicates our strategies, we must nonetheless double our efforts to ensure that momentum is maintained.

On the issue of the Indian Ocean Island setting up a regional marketing company for their respective tourism, Minister St.Ange said that this proposal can be, and should be achieved through the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands concept , stating that the Indian Ocean region has everything to make our respective tourism industries a success, but togetherness needs to be felt and not just spoken..{}

Commenting on a hot topic in the Region: the Mauritius Indian Ocean annual event Shopping Fiesta and Flic en Flac carnival, Minister St. Ange has outsmarted his interviewee by saying that he has personally represented Seychelles at the official opening of the Shopping Fiesta as a sign of solidarity for the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands calendar of events and that he is not in position to comment on the Flic en Flac carnival which he did not attend.