Irish mountaineer dies on Kilimanjaro while leading charity climb



(Picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

Irish citizen Ian McKeever, known for his world record in 2007 to climb the world’s seven highest mountains, including Mt. Everest, in record time, has earlier this week died while leading a charity expedition up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Reportedly struck by lightning during torrential rain at an altitude of over 4.000 metres, the mountaineer was the only one in his group to suffer this cruel fate though a number of others were seriously injured in the freak accident. Aged only 42 Ian led the 23 member strong Kilimanjaro Achievers’ Team up the mountain, among them his fiancee, accompanied by local guides and porters.

Ian was known for his passion to participate in extreme sporting events like rowing across the Atlantic or attempting a few weeks earlier to make the fastest climb up Kilimanjaro with an African colleague, aimed to stand up against the rise of racism across the world and his untimely death will affect a wide following he had accumulated from across the world for his charitable work and sportsmanship.

The eTN team in East Africa and in Hawaii express their sincere condolences to the family and friends of the late Ian McKeever.

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  1. RE: “…the rise of racism across the world…”

    Please be more specific, ie: in what countries is racism on the rise?