It is Álon Bat Kare’ time again on Reunion


(Posted 22nd April 2015)

It makes impressive reading when the domestic tourism campaign listed the participating localities and facilities as

32 hiking houses, 2 campsites, 137 B & B’s, 74 vacation rentals, 25 hotels, 2 car rental companies and 71 different activities and visits, among them hiking, lava tunnelling, mountain biking, Segway driving, horseback riding but also white water rafting, diving, kayaking, taking one of the fancied helicopter rides, visiting museums, the aquarium and historical sites.

The third edition of this local event to have residents on the island take advantage of lower rates will this year take place on the 25th and 26th of April before edition four kicks in later in the year on December 05th and 06th.

Residents, when partaking in any of the listed activities or staying in any of the hotels, B&B’s or hiking houses will receive substantial rebates between 15 and 20 percent but can also choose from fixed programme components which will only set them back between 20 and 40 Euros per person. These activities will on the two days run from 10 am until 6 pm, offering ample time for wannabe participants to sign up and be on site when the show goes on the road.

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