Jambojet CEO takes the stage on the April edition of AFRAA Sky-Connect show


(Posted 03rd April 2024)




Jambojet CEO takes the stage on the April edition of AFRAA Sky-Connect show

Join us for a thought-provoking one-on-one dialogue with Mr. Karanja Ndegwa-Jambojet CEO, as he addresses stakeholders on Jambojet’s milestones, intra-Africa connectivity and airline collaboration for a sustainable interconnected air transport industry in Africa.

Highlights of the dialogue:

  1. Regional airline operations and connectivity within the East African Community.
  2. Operating costs and infrastructure: cost built-up, airline ticket price and traffic composition and price elasticity, infrastructure to support passenger/cargo operations.
  3. Professional skills development and inclusivity.
  4. Airline collaboration – the opportunities, impediments and way forward.

Expect nothing but out-of-the-box thinking and far – reaching recommendations to shape Africa’s aviation.

Join us today, 03rd of April 2024 at 14.00hrs EAT


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