Japanese Restaurant boosts #Kampala food scene

(Posted 12th June 2022)

Quality Hill, a premier shopping destination in Kampala – located near the American Embassy – has now added another high class element to its already impressive list of services.

Home to Le Gourmet, arguably Kampala’s finest deli shop, La Patisserie, again arguably Kampala’s premier bakery, cake shop and bistro, Le Chateau | Brasserie Belge, the Le Petit Village Boutique Hotel, M-Maison and The Pantry, can visitors now also enjoy authentic Japanese food.

Located inside the Le Petit Village Boutique Hotel has ‘Hanabi‘ opened its doors this weekend, allowing in house guests and walk in clients a taste of modern Japanese dishes, sushi of course also ranking high on their menu.

The small but very luxurious hotel has been undergoing some level of construction work over the past months to prepare for the opening of the new restaurant, which in true style of owner Stephan Duyck will no doubt become another one of Kampala’s top dining spots in record time.

Le Chateau | Brasserie Belge is the venue for the original ‘bottomless brunch‘ idea in Kampala, which, when launched many years ago, was the first to offer the option of having bubbly flow freely for the duration of the lunch, all included in the package.

Le Chateau, apart from offering original Belgian dishes and a wide range of international dishes from their menu, also regularly hosts season food festivals, like Mussels dinners (when in season only, flown in fresh from Belgium) or as done this weekend, seafood extravaganzas.

Sister operation La Patisserie, initially Kampala’s leading bakery and cake shop, after expanding their operation a few years ago, now also serves breakfast, snacks and more every day of the week, but has added weekend and holiday brunches in a more casual setting, a perfect place for a family outing before perhaps heading to Lake Victoria for a stroll on the beaches or a ride on a boat.

It is Bon Appetite all round, congratulations to the Quality Hill owners and to their team at the Hanabi the best of success!