Just published: The Saint Ange Tourism Report, Volume 3 Edition 2


(Posted 14th January 2019)

The Editorial this week highlights:

a. Importance of safety & security.
b. Two big tourism industry topics are dominating the Seychelles tourism circle.
c. Africa is home to only one fully fledged democracy.

d. Exclusive – Air France : Joon, is finished ! – The company created in 2017 will be integrated into Air France.

(Which adds ATCNews leaves the proverbial egg all over the faces of those in authority in the Seychelles who granted Joon traffic rights on days when Air Seychelles was already flying, effectively catapulting Air Seychelles off the Paris route – shame on them)

e. Reopening of the supreme Court in Seychelles.

f. 35th Anniversary of the Indian Ocean Commission (COI).

g. Remembering Lucy Hickerson-Luc, a vibrant American artist and singer, who made Seychelles her home.

h. Happy Birthday to my Daughter Michelle St.Ange-Ebrahim.

Stand alone articles this week:

1. Mason’s Travel Seychelles says staff makes the company so unique and kept them growing since 1972.

2. Team Creole’s upcoming visit to Galatea – Diving Cruises Seychelles.

3. Mary Geers: A Seychelles Home Grown Success Story.

4. Seychelles’ Supreme Court reopens under the theme “Without Fear or Favour”.

5. UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vanilla Islands.

6. Booking.Com recognises a number of Seychellois Tourism Establishments.

7. Ocean colour and island textures inspire jewellery from Seychelles.

8. Dimitri Payet of Reunion: China on the lookout.

9. Lilly Ajarova takes over as new CEO at Uganda Tourism Board.

10. Translocation of some of Seychelles’ (and the world’s) rarest birds to Denis Private Island.

11. Three Seychellois women recognized for contributions in the island nation’s development.

12. Elephant Plains – Uganda.

13. Kenya Tourism Board’s ‘aggressive marketing’ sees windfall

14. Travel on Trial:- exploring the ocean floor on a submarine adventure in the Maldives.

15. Mauritius Tourism appoints Aviareps as Saudi representative.

16. Africa is home to only one fully fledged democracy.

17. The Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index 2018.
18. Lucy Hickerson-Luc, a vibrant American artist and singer, who made Seychelles her home is no more.
19. Closing Notes.

The full report can be accessed by ATCNews readers via https://mailchi.mp/saintange/saint-ange-tourism-report-edition-2-of-volume-3-of-2019-monday-14th-january-2019?e=a52a66de1b

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