KAA faces contempt of court charges, AGAIN


No stranger to legal controversy, last in the full spotlight of the public when being part of the willful destruction of residences and properties on disputed land, for which the owners of the respective properties claimed to have titles but which KAA insisted was their land, KAA has again been taken to court over contempt issues.
Earlier in the year did KAA instigate the destruction of homes worth hundreds of millions of Kenya Shillings in the face of a court order prohibiting exactly that and in the latest case pending before court with World Duty Free over contractual disputes, they again appear to have willfully violated court instructions as if they were above the law themselves. Both the KAA CEO Stephen Gichuki and the authoritys legal officer, Corporation Secretary Joe Nyaga were served summons to attend a hearing in person over allegations made that they interfered with court orders and acted contrary to instructions given by a judges in the past.
Should the authority and its top officers be found guilty of contempt of court they could face hefty fines and even jail time, something hoped for by those who lost their homes earlier in the year and are also in court with KAA to get compensation and see those responsible punished for the impunity they displayed vis a vis existing court injunctions. Watch this space for upcoming developments in the two cases.