Kampala Aero Club adds classic 1954 De Havilland Super Chipmunk to their acrobatics fleet


The skies over Kajjansi just got wilder, when news broke that the Kampala Aero Club and Flight Training Centre now operates a third aircraft dedicated purely to acrobatic flying.
Besides the classic single seat Jungmeister, owned and lovingly maintained by Capt. Howard Davenport, the Aeroclub also has an equally classic Great Lakes two seater biplane on their books, which is used to take those thrill seeking adrenaline junkies daring enough into the skies over Kajjansi, where they can experience the half hour ride of their lives while expertly taken through the motions of loopings, dives, spins, eights, rolls and of course inverted flight, during which the world is truly turned upside down.
The two existing aircraft are now joined by a 1954 De Havilland Super Chipmunk. This unique bird, only 7 Super Chipmunks exist in the world now, had its wings shortened by 3 feet, the tail and centre section modified and strengthened, the rudder enlarged, has been given longer ailerons and the engine was spruced up to 260 HP with a fully inverted system to provide the raw power needed when flying acrobatic maneuvers.

(Pictures courtesy of KAFTC showing the 1954 De Havilland Super Chipmunk flying inverted over Kajjansi before doing a trial run for a ribbon cut)

The arrival of a third acrobatics plane in Kajjansi now makes this airfield outside Kampala the centre of acrobatic flying in Eastern Africa, as not one other aviation company, nor airfield, can boast of that number of dedicated and actively flown planes used for aerial acrobatics flying and displays anywhere in the region, another first for the Kampala Aero Club which only recently became Ugandas first certified carbon neutral aviation company.
Capt. Davenport will be using the Chipmunk on the occasion of the annual Royal Ascot Goat Races, this year to be held at the Commonwealth and Speke Resort in Munyonyo on Saturday the 01st September, to perform his signature RibbonCut move over the open water of Lake Victoria in front of the usual ten thousand plus strong crowd. Watch this space for breaking and regular news from East Africas aviation sector.