Kampala Aero Club goes carbon neutral in a first for Uganda’s aviation industry


The Kampala Aero Club and Flight Training Centre, in short KAFTC, has recently accomplished another first for Uganda, when the company for formally certified as carbon neutral by the Uganda Carbon Bureau, covering all the companys flight and ground operations. Claims by UCBs press release of a first for Africa though were taken with a grain of salt, as over two years ago it was already reported here that Kenyas SafariLink had attained carbon neutral status, a fact, which when pointed out, prompted an instant holier than thou response questioning the methods used in Kenya, reminiscent of the raging feud between the Catholics and Protestants who represents Jesus on earth and speaks in his name.
The same media release also confirmed that a number of other tourism related companies in Uganda had attained carbon neutral status, such as Classic Africa Safaris, the first ever company in Uganda to become certified, alongside G&C Tours / Wild Frontiers Uganda, the Nkuringo Gorilla Camp and notably Soft Power Education, a Jinja based NGO supporting better education facilities and substantially supported by Nalubale Rafting, the Nile Porch and the Nile River Camp. Lake Mburos Mihingo Lodge too is reportedly at an advance stage of becoming carbon neutral.
In a related development has KAFTC been granted an extension to their Air Service License which will see the company commence scheduled flights to key destinations in Western and Northern Uganda, a move broadly welcomed by the Ugandan tourism fraternity where the demand for tickets per seat has been growing in recent years to move from the costly charter operations, which often include paying for empty legs of positioning and re-positioning the aircraft, to the most user friendly and more affordable per seat reservations.
The Kampala Aero Club and Flight Training Centre operates from their hub at the Kajjansi airfield, some 15 kilometres outside Kampala along the road to Entebbe, where their fleet of 13 single and twin engined aircraft and one helicopter are conveniently based to allow easier access to aviation services. KAFTC also offers acrobatic flights in a two seater Great Lakes biplane, expertly conducted by Capt. Howard Davenport, with prior bookings absolutely necessary. Visit www.flyuganda.com for more information.

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