Kampala gets Chief Executive relegating newly elected Lord Mayor into ceremonial role


President Museveni has on the eve of the mayoral elections in Kampala appointed the city’s new chief executive but the name of the new appointee will not be released until after the election results are known. Government accorded the capital city a new status towards the end of last year, which turns the city’s former divisional ‘chairpersons’ to ‘mayors of municipalities’ while the city itself will have a ‘Lord Mayor’ with mainly ceremonial functions, leaving the ‘business to run the city’ with the appointed CEO.

Kampaleans are now hoping that the rot, corruption and rubbish are being swept out by the new city CEO  and the new administrative set up, all of whom however will have a herculean task to reform the city’s bureaucracy at the same time as providing long awaited services to city resident.

Central government has towards that end injected mega bucks into repairing city roads but rubbish collection, health centres, street lighting and the administration of revenue are equally challenging tasks remaining entirely in the domain of city hall and the former divisional offices which are now proper ‘municipalities’.

Traffic control too will rank high on the top challenges of the new administrator but the new Kampala Capital City Authority will at least have a greater say in planning coordination over their ‘neighbours’ in Mukono and Entebbe, all of which are considered part of the greater Kampala metropolitan area.

3 Responses

  1. May god bless uganda things are not going fine.you can ask your self that why i have said that let me give you one example my dear friends ugandan if you want to see the most corruption you ever seen in your life go inside kampala city council,let me talk about the new CEO i don’t think that president museveni can finishe corruption it is to late for him so it the same tha’s my comment thank you. wassw. mugogo makulubita luweero

  2. Rwomushana be

    43 million wages claimed is a sign of utomost corruption in this government? shameless Africans!! A woman of fifty plus to stand before his sons, daughters and grandchildren to claim such a wage compared to poverty level is uganda is cantakalas!! if uganda survive on borrowed money – how much more willions do we have to borrow!! how much in tax shall each business pay to raise such wages!!
    Oh Lord – didnt you say it – they will come unmindful men and women – is this the time? if the mum who had seen it all want so much, how about the sons and daughters behind her. is this the best to role model to the youthfull graduates. Yes rightly those who have are greed for more. Africa the role model of greediest grands, mums and sons.