Kampala Serena goes Italian


The Explorer Restaurant at the Kampala Serena will be the venue for a week of Italian cuisine, wine tasting and even cookery classes with Chef Fabrizio Mercuri, who is visiting the Kampala Serena to promote his way of presenting Italian dishes. His menu creations during the week of 04th 10th June will migrate across Italy from one end of the boot to the other, highlighting the many variations of Italian cuisine, which contrary to some peoples beliefs is not just centered on pizza and pasta but involves a great variety of other dishes and ingredients.
Titled Il Giro d Italia 6 Giorni or in English a tour of Italy in six days, the Italian festival is one of a regular series of visits of guest chefs who come to thrill the Kampala Serenas clienteles palate but also at the same time show the Serena resident chefs, already on top of their profession, another trick or two from their own formbook in how to make authentic dishes with locally available ingredients, of course always using only the best extra virgin olive oil.
A fashion show evening will also be part of the weeks programme, which is available through the Kampala Serena Hotels front desk or via their website www.serenahotels.com/serenakampala/default-en.html

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