#Kenya #aircrash update as wreck found at #ElephantPoint in the #AberdareMountains


(Posted 07th June 2018)


(File photo of the crashed plane)

Confirmation has now been received that the FlySax Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, which had lost contact late afternoon the day before yesterday enroute from Kitale to Nairobi, was found crashed to the ground earlier in the morning.

The search for the missing aircraft was made extremely difficult by the prevailing weather conditions over the past two days with heavy rains sweeping the area, low hanging clouds and the mountainous forested terrain where the plane came down, compounded by the crash site being near a cliff and almost impossible to access.
A formal air accident investigation is now going underway under the auspices of the Kenyan Ministry of Transport and the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority to establish the cause of the crash – and despite social media comments seen – must one now wait for the investigators to comb the wreckage for clues and determine the actual cause though weather no doubt played a role in it.

FlySax has issued a further statement:

Meanwhile could the names of those on board be established as:

1. Captain Barbra Wangeci Kamau
2. First Officer Jean Mureithi
3. Ahmed Ali
4. Karaba Sailah Waweru Muiga
5. Khetia Kishani
6. Matakasakarai Thamani
7. Matakatekei Paula
8. George Ngugi Kinyua
9. Pinuertorn Ronald
10. Robinson Wafula

Stand by for further updates as and when the rescue teams have reached the crash site on foot as only at that stage can it be conclusively confirmed if there are any survivors.