Kenya Airways adjusts schedule ahead of night closure of JKIA runway


(Posted 30th March 2015)

Kenya Airways has announced changes to their current schedule, effective from the 01st of April, sharply increasing connectivity on domestic and African routes.

Malindi will be served twice a day, up from the present 6 flights a week, clearly an effort by the national airline of Kenya to help boost the destination by providing more connecting flights which departure times suit the passengers rather then operational purposes. Special deals, as mentioned here a few days ago, are now available for visitors from for instance the UK to fly with Kenya Airways to Malindi and demand is said to be encouraging inspite of the harshest ever anti-travel advice from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Flights from Nairobi to Mombasa will also go up from the present 56 to 63 per week providing more choices to connect to the coast for passengers originating in Nairobi, or other domestic upcountry destinations but notably also from the wider region where hotels and resorts are presently hard-selling coast vacations to the markets in Uganda and Rwanda.

It was also learned that flights from Nairobi to Zanzibar and to Kilimanjaro would be doubled from one per day to two per day, assuming that the TCAA has cleared the added frequencies – which after all will benefit tourism arrivals to both destinations.

Flights from Nairobi to Paris will rise from the present 5 per week to daily, aimed to boost visitor numbers from France to Kenya but also giving the French market better connections to such destinations like Seychelles to where KQ presently flies four times a week.

All departures and arrivals will from the 01st of April be taking into account the upcoming runway works at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, for which operations in and out of JKIA will be suspended between midnight and 6 a.m. to allow for the gradual re-surfacing of the single runway.

The airline has of late come under a sustained smear campaign attack in particular from social media sources, with some suggestions being floated that this may have been encouraged by competitors to downtalk Kenya Airways. It was noted however that the regular foulmouths’ on Twitter and Facebook did individually at times behave like rabid dogs, matching the conspiracy theorists of the likes of ‘who killed JFK’.

The airline by and large ignored the campaign which has now died down again, either after the inducements ran out or for simply realizing that yapping on would serve no purpose. Notably have some of those involved now turned their attention to the case of a Chinese restaurant which had banned Kenyans from entering in the evening, prompting the authorities to close the business down and charge the owners for a series of offences.

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