Kenya aviation breaking news – Jeddah announced as next KQ destination from 18th October

Effective 18th of October will Kenya Airways commence twice weekly flights between Nairobi and Jeddah, the commercial capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The aircraft on the route will be a B737-800 which the airline can now re-deploy after the most recent arrival of yet another Embraer E190.
Saudi Arabia has been on Kenya Airways route network before, so this is a return to a known territory and not a completely unknown destination for KQ. KSA is of growing importance for Kenya as a trading partner and also for tourist visitors from there to the Kenyan coast or the safari parks, but also important for Kenya Muslims wishing to travel for Umrah or Haj to Mecca.
However, besides point to point traffic Kenya Airways will now offer Saudi business travelers network connections across most of the African continent via Nairobi on a more or less direct route, which will save time and effort, both valuable commodities for the business community where time is money.
At the same time of receiving this information it was also confirmed that the next Embraer E190 delivery is actually taking place in early October already, bringing Kenya Airways fleet then to a total of 33 passenger aircraft, plus their recently acquired B747F all cargo aircraft.
Kenya Airways is one of the fastest growing airlines on the African continent and is in a neck on neck race with Ethiopian Airlines for the coveted number one spot for connecting Africa best through their home hubs. Happy landings to the inaugural flight, crew and passengers and many more thereafter.