Kenya aviation breaking news – Lonrho / Stelios consortium take over Fly 540

It was learned over the weekend that a new ownership has emerged at Fly 540 Aviation, when Lonrho with their new partner Sir Stelios compelled the other existing shareholders to sell –  in the face of whatever evidence they were confronted with –  taking full control of East Africas first LCC.
Previous Co-CEO Don Smith predictably had to leave Fly 540, and it is understood that no tears were shed by anyone over this, while Neill Steffen, the other Co-CEO and previously more engaged in other Fly 540 operations in different parts of Africa, will return full time to Nairobi to take charge of the airline.
Only a week ago were news broken here of these developments being imminent, bringing forth the wrath of those exposed a shade too early for their own clandestine taste, but with this latest confirmation now at hand, it is once again clear that the story broken then was entirely correct and that the anger of those now departed has departed with them.
It was confirmed that Don Smith will be moving over to East African Safari Air Express, a company ostensibly taken over at the time by Fly 540, in retrospect not the case as it was taken over by one individual. EASAX is now awaiting a Kenya Civil Aviation Authority licensing hearing to learn about the fate of their application for an air service license, something which will probably meet with objections from other airlines but that will be another story to be told right here when the time comes.
Another piece of information which emerged from the weekend information flow was that what was thought to have been Fly 540s own maintenance facility at Wilson Airport was apparently also owned by the now former CEO Don Smith, which if correct would be a clear sign of longer term intent, to be ready when the day would inevitably come that the other shareholders, those with the money that is, could no longer to be duped and would come knocking at the door with strong men in attendance, figuratively speaking of course. Whether, as has been rumoured, that MRO has charged Fly 540 over the top for maintenance, cannot be confirmed but a forensic audit could possible shed some light on this piece of the equation, should the new bosses at Fly 540 wish to pursue the matter further.
The new owners seem set to roll out an ambitious fleet development programme to turn their vision finally into reality, no longer held back by internal elements with their own hidden agenda, and will in coming months turn into what is expected to be a purely jet airline, operating regional flights and the city pairs to Kisumu, Malindi and Mombasa. Watch this space as the Fly 540 saga enters a new phase with new owners, refreshed management and the deep pockets to make things happen.

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  1. Good riddance. Someone should cut through the crux and see how much litigation and contention due to irregularities (financial) all over the continent. Well known fact. Not a very honest bloke.

  2. Don and his cronies did it at Regional Air then they screwed 540 and the next victim will surely come soon.

    1. it is apparently now the next victim is Fastjet, but us guys in Tz we know those crooks we are going to deal with them, Fastjet is our saviour

  3. Don how many people are you going to screw around, do you have no shame or respect left? What goes around comes around!

  4. hey Don pay your pilots their dues stop your thuggery shameless man

  5. how much of lonrho cash have you swindled and everybody else that you owe?

  6. besudes from don smith,the managing director,mr.nixon Ooko;is a very tribalistic,entrenched in ethnic glorification and the most corrupt and uncouth-non schooled man in this country.he has packed all fly540 outstations in kisumu,kitale,eldoret,kakamega,mombasa and many others with people from his home area and majority are his relatives.kindly take action against this proud fool!!!

  7. U guys aent fair Don has bin the best boss any1 culd get,he knws how to make things work how they supsd,yes there were sme -Ve hapenins in 540 bt wasnt al his doin bt hs juniors were too lazy to do anytn abt them and aman cnt carry awhole cmpany alne,so uguys stop bad mouthn ahardworkn man and find smetn worth to do.

    1. Aalia. U are in denial. You must have been his doormat/spy/ally or You must be in love with him!!!!!!! Maybe you were in good terms because you used to lick his boots. They guy is a TYRANT and CROOK and RACIST and USER. Lets call a spade a spade. Wake up and smell the coffee honey.

  8. Yes evry institution has its -ves but he aint to blame the staff were al to blame due to there neglegence culd 1man supsd to shoulder awhole cmpany.hs junior staff hid alot of unpleasant hapenings that i knw of.

    1. Aalia, You must have been in that organization and you must have been his BOOT LICKER. Your passionate defense for him gives me no doubt. POOR AALIA.

  9. If he treatn hs staff wel and ido nid to show hm my apprec means am a boot licker then am proud to b n hs gf too. U nid to grow up and stp slandrz. Find smtn imptnt to do u mite b suprizd ul invent anew cure for Smkind of arush.

    1. u are so passionate about it Dear. I pity you. You aint even a shareholder there. Why carry other people’s burden? What a matyr!!

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