Kenya aviation news – ATC ‘goes slow’ to press for better pay

Nairobi aviation sources confirmed a go slow by air traffic controllers overseeing operations at the countrys main gateway Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and also at Wilson Airport, where most of the tourism related safari flights originate.
Negotiations between the Civil Aviation Authority and the Aviation and Allied Workers Union apparently broke down earlier in the week prompting a warning strike which however appears concealed under a work by the book approach, which delayed flights in and out of Nairobi.
Inflation and opportunities to work abroad have made many technical experts currently employed in air traffic control and other key areas of the CAA demand higher packages, to fairly compensate our work and value as one source put it overnight to this correspondent, at least for those who wish to stay at home and not succumb to the overtures of foreign employers, with the Gulf region in particular working like a hoover to siphon out qualified aviation staff as another source had put it a while ago when discussing the pilots situation in Kenya.
There has been no indication at the time of going to press if the work by the book approach will extend into Friday and the weekend or if negotiations between union and employer will resume to seek a negotiated outcome rather than having to face a walk out and strike, which could hugely damage Kenyas economy and have a substantial impact on tourism arrivals, business travel and air cargo shipments of often perishable goods, which would not survive extended storage. Watch this space for updates as and when available.

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  1. This is why it is so dangerous and risky when a nations leaders raise their own salaries and forget the majority who pay them those salaries are suffering due to inflation and high interest rates. This is living in denial and very selfish indeed. Kenya have many underpaid and very well educated personell. They are rarely well compensated and jobs abroad are more viable as they mean they do not have to live from hand to mouth every month worrying about surviving. They can efficiently concentrate on their jobs and families. Things need to change.